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Leaving Lolita Sale – [15% OFF]


I am finally leaving Lolita. Most of the items are new with tags or brand new condition. I am hoping that these items can move on to someone who will actually wear them and appreciate them more than I have. I will consider reasonable offers.


  • My egl feedback page is here:
  • I ship from  CA, USA | TJ, MX.
  • Feel free to ask the shipping to your country. [I’ll save shipping receipts as proof of shipment]
  • I am not responsible for lost items or items damaged during shipment.
  • Smoke free [ I own a small Schnauzer, even tho this type of pets do not shed and does not get near the clothes, I feel the necessity of inform you]
  • US|MX buyers are preferred and may be given priority.
  • Paypal only. [Paypal fees not included] 
  • Prices are in USD dollar.
  • No payment plans.
  • No refunds or returns.
  • Any questions, feel free to ask!

1. A/P Poison L’amour JSK Pink
Bust:  87-99cm (34.25-38.97in)
Waist:  68-80cm (26.77-31.49in)
Length: 95cm (37.40in)
$300 USD 15% off -> $255 USD

2. A/P Frozen Queen JSK II Navy [Note: Overall Like new conditions, but its missing a button, that’s why I added a hand made chain of pearls Similar to the JSK I]
Bust:  85-102
Waist:  74-90
Length: 94
$250 USD 15% off -> $210 USD

3. Putumayo 2way Amusement Park Black & Gold
Totally shirred
Bust: 72-104 cm
Waist: free
$120 USD 15% off -> $102 USD

105. Innocent World Story of Queen and Angels NWT Beige
Bust:  85-119
Waist: 69-108
Length: 93
$250 USD 15% off -> $210 USD

6. A/P Castle of Nightmare Ivory
Bust: 95
Waist: 64-75
Length: 92
$300 USD 15% off -> $255 USD

8. Angelic Pretty Secret Treasure Chest OP Navy with choker [+Off Brand Head Bow]
Bust: 90
Waist: 70
Length: 89
$250 USD 15% off -> $210 USD

9. BTSSB Cinderella Jewelry set JSK I with Head Bow Brown [Note the BTSSB Chain logo has signs of corrotion typical of fantasya jewelry]
Bust: 90-96cm
Waist: 72-80cm
Length: 93cm
$250 USD 15% off -> $210 USD

10. Innocent World polka-dot dress
Bust: 33-36 inches.
Waist: 26-28 inches.
$120 USD 15% off -> $102 USD

12. Lief Classic Key Print Series JSK Black x Gold
Bust:  (S/M) 84cm~95cm
Waist: (S/M) 78cm~89cm
$120 USD 15% off -> $102 USD
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X-men Red x Black Belt Buckle: Review


Este es el primer Review de props en esta ocasión Hoku Props, es una tienda en Etsy, cuya especialidad son las hebillas de cinto, habiendo investigado otras opciones, precios y calidad, me animé a pedir cuota y estimación, el precio por la hebilla en cuestión fue de 35 USD envío incluído, lo cual no se me hacía tan mal, sin contamos que otras tiendas te cobran el envío extra. Así pasó y le entregué los datos y el pago.

This is the first Review of props, on this occasion Hoku Props, it is an Etsy shop which specializes in belt buckles, having investigated other options, price and quality, I decided to ask for fee and estimate the price of the buckle, it was 35 USD shipping included, which I thought it was not so bad, other stores have the extra shipping charge. I made all the transaction as we used to do.


Pasó una semana y no tengo ninguna réplica de la persona, ni tracking number, ni nada acerca del producto que he comprado, por lo que decido contactarlo y por fin me da un tracking number para seguir el paquete que apenas ha puesto en el correo. El paquete llega rápido a pesar de todo 2 días.

A week passed and I have no replies of the person, nor tracking number, or anything about the product that I have bought, so I decide to contact the shop owner, and finally I got a tracking number to track the package that the owner just putted in the mail. The package comes quickly nonetheless two days later.


El paquete viene bien asegurado envoltura de sobre papel manila encerado con envoltura de burbujas de plástico, al sacar el producto, noté terminados que me gustaron mucho y otros cuanto un pocos descuidados que no me gustaron mucho.

The package is well secured in a manila envelope waxed paper with plastic bubble wrap, in the final product, I noticed certain elements that I liked a lot and a few others that I did not like that much.



Price | Preciodeco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209 /5

Con un precio de 35 USD el equivalente a 532 MX  (incluyendo envío) es una hebilla cara, considerando el material y la hechura del producto.

with a price of 35 USD the equivalent of $532 MX (shipping included) It is an expensive belt buckle considering the material and final look of the product.

Comunicación | Communicationdeco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209 /5

No fue la mejor experiencia tener que esperar una semana para saber que había pasado con el pago que había realizado y estar con la duda si el paquete fue enviado o no, cualquiera que fuera la escusa.

Wasn’t a great experience to have to wait for a week to know what had happened with my payment, and whether or not was my package was send or not, no matter what his excuse.

Envío | Shippingdeco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209/5

Una vez contactado y enviado el paquete el envío resultó ser sumamente rápido.

Once I contacted the seller and the package was send, the shipping was extremely fast.

Materiales | Materialsdeco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209/5

Mientras que los materiales no son malos, son livianos, y tienen un brillo bueno, su acabado en general deja mucho que decir, con bordes ásperos, la falta de hebilla y pintura corrida en ciertos ángulos, no puedo decir que esté 100% terminado.

While that materials are not that bad, they are light, and have a special glow in them, the final product does not convince me at all, with rough edges, lack of buckle to have a grip and ran painting in certain angles, makes you feel likes it’s not at all a 100% concluded job.

Over all experience | Experiencia general: deco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209deco~otomedojo~3209/5

En general y sacando una media la experiencia que me deja, no todo lo que brilla es oro. En conclusión por el precio hubiese esperado que el producto viniese con una garradera de metal para la hebilla como otros productos en Etsy. Si bien el producto no parece 100% terminado, es por lo pronto uno de los mejores modelos encontrados en

In general and doing an average this leaves me with the experience that not everything that shines is gold. In conclusion for the price I had expected that the product come with a metal buckle like other products on Etsy. Although the product does not appear to be 100% complete, it is for now one of the best models found on



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